The Royal Heist

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The Royal Heist“Midnight In The Garden Of Evil”

Los Angeles sure has a lot of taste when it comes to music. A variety of acts have roamed the streets, entertaining its premises every chance it gets by its insightful yet delightful music. Brought on not only by the modesty of rock but other genres as well… thus The Royal Heist has yet to begun.

Their new album, “Midnight in the Garden of Evil”, was produced by Max Coane (Jack’s Mannequin, The Rocket Summer) and Mykul Lee (Oh No Not Stereo). Not only does The Royal Heists hopes and dreams be the pursuit of wanting to live it big and live it through by creating music, they is so much that they have to learn. The Royal HeistWith that said, the songs offered via “Midnight in the Garden of Evil”, go into sounding a lot like Kings of Leon meets Kaiser Chiefs because most of it is dealt with the vocal chords similarity being played here, while the instrumental segments sound rather out of place.

Indeed the instrumentation captures the music’s style mastering in its own unique way building its own source of style but the guitars and drum tones don’t quite clash as much as they should. On certain songs such as “Lock and Load”, “Beg for More”, “Take Take Take”, “Ghosts”, “Sin City”, as well as “My Enemy”, all deal with this source of problem whilst the vocals on the other hand flat out sound solid and firm.

The Royal Heist is just another bunch of musicians trying to make a name for themselves but haven’t gotten a clue as to where it all even got started in the first place.