The Grumpy :: Throes Of Contemplation

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The GrumpyListening to straight up rock music, well, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace. That’s right… a change.  Seems unless the radio station is dedicated to classic rock, there aren’t too many outlets for stripped down rock n’ roll of the modern era.  It does exist, modern rock that isn’t misclassified or better nestled into subgenres such as alt rock, nu-metal, classic rock, and so on.  The Grumpy are one of those bands that bring in a crowd – as their style of music is near perfect for a live setting – and they have earned some well-deserved recognition for their talents in response to that ability.  The six-song album Throes of Contemplation isn’t at all a grumpy sound, so don’t let the name mislead.  The group’s songwriting does however venture into personal experiences, albeit some perhaps not so happy all the time, and the musical compositions are, as noted before, very rock and roll.  To be clear, this isn’t necessarily a throwback album trying to relive songs more akin to Aerosmith, but rather a new take on elements found everywhere from the 70’s to the latter 90’s. Sure, some of that includes what could be compared to nineties alt-rock sound, and some of the guitar work could’ve fit quite nicely in a few hair band sets of the 80’s. Throes of Contemplation is solid rock release that won’t make you feel like you’re listening to classic rock necessarily, nor angst ridden grunge.  Vocally, songs vary, but sometimes a nice comparison to Candlebox or even a little Our Lady Peace can be heard. That’s all good; because The Grumpy employs various influences of the minimalist manner.  Was it intentional… to carry all those subtleties? Maybe not, but in any case – they manage it in a natural progression, so it works well and doesn’t really matter.