Sandie Trash – Outrageous Brune

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Sandie TrashMixing equal parts dance, electronica, pop and a straight to your main vein injection of Punk is the quirky and original Sandie Trash. The unique caveat is the trip this band’s music takes across the Atlantic because in addition to Sandie’s theatrical vocal style and their off the grid choice in samples, it is all in French. Périgueux, Aquitaine

France to be exact. However, in a testament that music truly holds no language barriers it’s ok if you flunked high school French and haven’t a clue what is being sung, the language is not a barrier simply an additional instrument.

Using samples from well known pop, punk and alternative bands spanning the decades, Sandie Trash then layers shrieks, growls and sultry a la Enigma vocals. At one moment it is trip-hop punk, the next it is techno dance, after that a heavy dose of pure electronica, but where the band manages to differentiate themselves is with an aggressively modern bombast void of any sentimentality.

Sandie Trash“Outrageous Brune” is frank and confrontational without being off putting. Adding to the mix is Sandie’s bad girl image complete with 1950’s handbag, camo pants and semi automatic handgun, make you wonder just how off the hook this would be live? The answer is worth exploring.

Great attitude, unique delivery, and an unwavering sense of musical spirit make “Outrageous Brune” and Sandie Trash worthy of being on your musical radar.

In short, tres bien.

4 out of 5 stars