Ratt :: Infestation

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Roadrunner Records/Loud & Proud Records

RattRatt were one of those bands in the 1980’s who were successful and one of the best bands in their brand of rock’n’roll, but when the 90’s arrived their music style was no longer accepted with the arrival of the Grunge genre. Like every other hard rock band post-Nirvana, Ratt lost their focus. Somewhere along the way, Pearcy left the band, guitarist Robin Crosby passed away, bassist Juan Croucier exited, and… well, at least everyone would always remember “Round & Round.” ‘Infestation’ sounds like classic Ratt, the trademark sound is definitely present and it could have been released right after “Out of the Cellar” or “Invasion of Your Privacy”. After going through various personnel change the band is now consisting of three original Ratt members; Pearcy, guitarist Warren Demartini, drummer Bobby Blotzer, also former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo and bassist Robbie Crane. Loaded with top notched rockers like, “Eat Me Up” is hardcore Ratt and Roll right there! The energy of this song is outstanding and instantly reminded me why I like Ratt, one of the best songs on this new album and obviously the heaviest. “Best of Me” is the first song I heard and right away I knew I had to get this album, if, the songs were half as decent as this one, it would be one heck of an album! The crunchy guitars are very reminiscent of “Round and Round” and the song is great, anthem like, this will be a killer song live. “A Little Too Much” is another great song, a little too cheesy of a chorus but it’s still a strong track. A triumphant return for Ratt. If you are or ever where a fan of the band you will enjoy this record.  Overall a quite strong album from Ratt and one worth checking out. It’s not “Out of the Cellar” I’ll give you that, but its damn close!