Death Angel and Arsis Unite

Written by on May 13, 2010 in Live Reviews, May 13, 2010 - Comments Off on Death Angel and Arsis Unite

ArsisDeath AngelWhen it comes to the brutality of metal the outlook is never good but that’s actually a good thing. Why do you ask? Well when it comes to brutality nothing defines it better than the death metal styling’s of Arsis with the classic upbringing of thrash legends Death Angel. When these two come together anything is possible just like what went down on April 14 out at the Roxy in Hollywood, these two acts came face to face and pure brutality had set itself loose.

First up was death metallers Arsis who had given it all they got delivering an intense and aggressive fight till the death so to speak. As their fans went flying over head right atop the stage being thrown right back into the crowd some successfully surfing right atop while others weren’t so successful landing face first into the harden floor if not landing directly into the center of the pit. Though Arsis set had lasted longer than expected the band had expressed upon the crowd of on-lookers what they were truly made of and kept on bringing the heat. Each and every tune sung was pushed to the extreme the fans rushing if not pushing their way to the stage as frontman James Malone raised his metal horns high above the crowd keeping everybody on their toes.

After Arsis was all said and done, thrashers Death Angel whose set time was pushed back quite a bit the crowd getting restless from waiting for 30 minutes but soon after the clock had struck 10:30, and the sound check had decreased all hell broke loose. Literally… Everybody left and right went face first toward the stage getting on top of one another to singing until their lungs were sore and filled with blood. Death Angel’s set was said to be over around 11PM that night but plans had changed obviously their set going over the limit increasing the fans instantly even further than expected never letting the energy fall flat.

Combining the likes of Arsis with the thrash styling’s of Death Angel was quite an impressive arrangement overall this duo of performers will rise up above all the rest conquering the underworld of what we like to call metal.