Coheed and Cambria :: Year Of The Black Rainbow

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Coheed and Cambria`Year of the Black Rainbow,’ is a rock solid album, maybe a little different than some may have been expecting but of undeniably high quality, in terms of superb songwriting, outstanding musicianship and a production job that feels almost like an instrument unto itself. I can imagine that the band may lose a few fair- weather fans with this album, but those who don’t jump ship will find a wholly enjoyable album that gets better with each listen. Coheed and Cambria has always made it a point to experiment with different sounds, but a couple songs are all over the place thanks to this method: “The Shattered Symphony” and “The Black Rainbow” being the two that stand out as interesting. I’m all for experimentation, and I would encourage Coheed and Cambria to keep up this practice, but this time it just didn’t work. If you were put off by the changes that were made in VOL 2: NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW, then chances are good that you still won’t like what’s going on in this album. But anyone who’s found something to love in each of the band’s albums so far will probably find something to love here. Overall this is a superb Coheed and Cambria album and rewards repeat listening; the new drummer, the very noticeable production and the new lyrical approach keep the album very fresh. In the context of Coheed albums it is not their best work, which is quite a benchmark, but is doesn’t fall short of what we have come to expect from this unbelievable band.