Altamonte :: 814

Written by on May 13, 2010 in May 13, 2010, Music Reviews - 2 Comments

AltamonteCashman Brothers Combine Midwestern Twang and Garage Rock with Amazing Results

On this twangy Midwestern flavored track, Altamonte’s James and Sean Cashman show their sentimental side without straying too far from their Garage rock roots. 814 showcases James Cashman’s ever growing menagerie of inspirations without ever sounding scattered. 814 sounds like Johnny Cash’s guitar on speed set within an arena built for Muse while Sean takes a Miles Davis like approach to the rhythm section. The lyrics are some of Cashman’s finest to date, showing a sentimental approach without ever getting sickeningly sweet. One of the finest moments on the track is the outro which puts the guitars on full alert as a shattered choir of James Cashman vocals swirl around Sean’s driving rhythm. If this is a hint of what’s to come on their upcoming record, than Altamonte should have little problem invading your IPod –