Alabaster “The Diary I Should Have Burned”

Written by on May 13, 2010 in May 13, 2010, Music Reviews - 2 Comments

AlabasterOriginated from Chicago and now comfortably settled in Seattle, female fronted power punks, Alabaster have had their specialty when it came down to wanting to make music. Whether it’d be slamming drums, breaking strings, or wailing screams, Alabaster knew how to do it.

After self-releasing their debut album, “The Diary I Should Have Burned…” Alabaster’s harmonic melodies were nothing a repeating texture of worthlessness. Each song portrayed itself as to sounding exactly the same, “Failed Attempts”, “In The Land of Wolves”, “Hit the Ground Running”, and “This Is It”,  was what front women Hayley Williams of Paramore sounds like after screaming her head off having her voice goes horse with rage. There was simply nothing that could be said about the vocals other than they sounded that bad.

AlabasterNow when the instruments take their turn they do manage to successfully pull off what they’ve been said to do as far as slamming, and crafting together interesting rhythms and riffs but again there are just some parts that do just as the vocals did and fall flat. There is no emotion no momentum to keep the music flowing it lacks in its ability.

Alabaster is nothing as they claim themselves to be-being nothing more than a misguided source of music.