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Strikes Global Distribution Deal With MUSEA RECORDS  

*** WHYTE MAGICK ™*** Internationally Acclaimed, Award-winning Symphonic Rock Opus by Zoran Bilogrevic – The First Independent Rock Album to be released in BLU RAY – Now strikes a GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL with France’s MUSEA RECORDS

In the lead-up to MIDEM 2010 – WHYTE MAGICK the internationally acclaimed, award winning Symphonic Rock Opus by Zoran Bilogrevic became the first independent rock album to be released in glorious high-definition BLU RAY. Originally released through the AMMA label and licensed through the An’R organisation, the title was picked up by German, Blu Ray label giant, Cascade Medien.

 This time it is the French Progressive Rock label MUSEA RECORDS who has seen the light and decided to release the original DVD /CD Box Set.

Musea is a record label and distributor specialized in Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Folk, Electronic Music, Metal, Avant Garde and Blues. Musea’s catalogue includes 10,000 titles including over 1500 of its own productions. Their catalogue is sent to 20,000 mail order customers and 200 wholesalers, distributors and shops in more than 50 countries.

 The Whyte Magick production is a multi-media presentation with exceptional potential for licensing, merchandising, product bundling and of course, physical sales. The package features elaborate artwork, 5.1 and Stereo Mix/Sound Track and a 28 page full colour story booklet, ideal for the gift market.

 As the title suggests, the work is in the Gothic Symphonic Rock, Progressive Rock genre and draws heavily on medieval European mythology, mysticism and folklore. The music is “powerful and seductive”, rich in colour and texture. A musical depiction of a “jaded rock-star’s spiritual transformation” and his desperate introspective search for personal meaning and redemption. The story was written with a full feature film in mind and outlines, in 10 chapters, the stages of the protagonist’s spiritual journey.

 Since its release, the DVD/CD album has received a great deal of attention, due to its originality, great music, outstanding production and marketing strategy. Both the DVD/CD and Blu Ray editions of this Epic Album stand out like beacons in the current gloom and doom climate of quality-compromised productions and download giveaways.

 “An Epic Experience of Power Passion and Virtuosity“

 WHYTE MAGICK is the story of heavy metal guitar legend Viktor ?ardah (a direct descendant of Stefan Báthory) who inadvertently and reluctantly undergoes a mystical transformation.

Like a river, the music flows through a range of moods, tonal colours, rhythmic and melodic settings representing Viktor‘s spiritual re-alignment.

The work draws on Medieval, Bohemian and Gothic influences with elements of fantasy,Mysticism and European folklore.

Immerse yourself in the Whyte Magick experience in FULL HD and 5.1 Surround Sound.


1 · Ritual Part I – The Awakening

2 · The Winds Of Change

3 · Inner Child

4 · Magija

5 · Spellbinder

6 · Past Life Memories (Requerdos De La Alhambra)

7 · Essence & Visions

8 · The Quickening (including The Flight Of The Bumble Bee)

9 · Final Sacrifice

10 · Ritual Part II – The Winds Change &

The Initiation