The Hits of Yesterday Can Be Found Today at Fuel Label Group

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By Denise Ames, News Anchor/Host of “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames” TV Show, for All Access Magazine

Since 1994, FUEL LABEL GROUP’s roster has continued to span decades of music providing fans with the opportunity to obtain otherwise hard or impossible to get recordings by their favorite artists of yesteryear.  Focusing on singles from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that are no longer available to the general public, whether it be an obscure pop or blues hit; everything from BOB WELCH, JETHRO TULL and EDGAR WINTER to ART TATUM and CAB CALLOWAY to JOHN LEE HOOKER and JUNIOR WELLS,  Fuel as accumulated over 18,000 masters/copyrights to date.

Fuel Label GroupFuel Label Group President Len Fico, a former punk and new wave guitar player from Boston, served as Vice President of A&R at Island Records working with groups like THE CRANBERRIES and U2, and then left that position to form a label that catered to what he refers to as ‘heritage’ artists.

On the heels of Fuel’s latest releases including a live recording of FLEETWOOD MAC from the 1960’s and  “Keep On Rocking”, a recent collaboration of two legendary musicians, PAT TRAVERS and CARMINE APPICE, Fico sat down with All Access Magazine in Hollywood revealing how, during this trying music industry era, Fuel Label Group has managed to flourish…

All Access Magazine: How has Fuel managed to stay so successful in this volatile music market?

Len Fico: Our copyrighted material continually pays off dividends whether on the internet, licensing or compilations.  Other labels have relied on new product and if a product doesn’t hit they are basically out of pocket.

AAM: What is the function of Fuel Label Group?

LF: We’re basically historians where the idea behind the label now is the historical aspect.  Some of our rosters span 60 years of music in certain genres we deal with.

AAM: What genres does Fuel handle?

Fuel Label GroupLF: We have many ‘heritage’ artists; established artists who are no longer in the mainstream of Top 40 radio.  Our Rock acts include Jethro Tull, THE YARDBIRDS, Edgar Winter, STEPHEN PEARCY of RATT, and ZZ TOP before they were even ZZ Top.  We have live concert recordings featuring JANIS JOPLIN as well as IAN HUNTER and represent the English rock band THE ZOMBIES, the 60’s/70’s group the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES and bands like SUGAR LOAF.

In the Pop category we control songs like ‘Beach Baby’ by THE FIRST CLASS, BOB WELCH’s catalog including his hits ‘Hypnotized’, ‘Sentimental Lady’ and ‘Ebony Eyes’, ORLEANS and a rare live AMBROSIA record.  We have a Fleetwood Mac live release recorded in 1969 coming out soon.

Our Blues collection contains classic recordings of OTIS RUSH, Junior Wells, SAM “LIGHTNIN” HOPKINS, some of the John Lee Hooker catalog along with BUSTER BROWN and SONNY LANDRETH, a prominent blues guitar player.  We are in charge of hit singles from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, for example, ‘Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)’ by JOHN FRED AND HIS PLAYBOY BAND, which was a #1 hit in 1967.

We cross about 50 years of Jazz history offering fans everything from ELLA FITZGERALD, DAVE BRUBECK and Art Tatum to Cab Calloway, LOUIS PRIMA to the ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO.   We are currently putting together a more innovative Jazz series with some of the 30’s and 40’s artists like Tatum and FATS WALLER.

Fuel’s roster continues with Reggae releases by LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY and a rarities record by Country legend WILLIE NELSON.  We also handle Comedy recordings by REDD FOXX and SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY.

AAM: You seem to do a lot of work with drum legend Carmine Appice.

Fuel Label GroupLF: Carmine is one of those heritage artists who has a large catalog of recordings spanning several different bands and decades of recordings.  We represent his catalog dating back to VANILLA FUDGE and CACTUS as well as recordings he has done with Pat Travers and RICK DERRINGER.  We do the same thing with BRIAN AUGER and Bob Welch.

AAM: Where can fans obtain these Fuel Label Group releases?

LF: They can go to the website.  We have released close to 1,000 titles; you go there and it is a bit of a discovery process. and itunes are the best places to order recordings.  Or go to your local record store ~ I want Amoeba to survive!  They carry a full selection of Fuel releases as does Best Buy and Borders.

What is Fuel Label Group’s goal?

LF: To continue releasing interesting artifacts from the history of music for the fans and to accumulate more catalogs from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

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