For Music Lovers Wanting the American Dream of Home Ownership

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Whether you are trying to save your Home or you’re a first time buyer Freedom Real Estate is here to help!

By: Denise Ames, News Anchor/Host of “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames” TV Show, for All Access Magazine

Freedom Real EstateMusic lovers everywhere are facing tough times with their housing situation.  Numerous currently upside down with their mortgages started out trying to do the right thing fulfilling the ‘American Dream’ of home ownership.  In order to own a home many purchased property using an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loan to keep payments at a minimum for a few years to build up equity.  They then planned on selling their property to purchase a better home prior to their ARM adjusting to a much higher rate.  But our dreams were crushed; we paid our mortgage on time every month, then the housing market crashed just when we were ready to sell.

Many are trying to modify their home loan into affordable payments to no avail because most banks require current loan payments to be delinquent for 90 days putting the home owner at risk of not being approved for a modification and then they are forced into foreclosure.  These and other scenarios are destroying plans to move up in the real estate market… or so we thought!

Freedom Real EstateFreedom Real Estate can step in and help All Access Magazine readers in Southern California, from San Diego to Los Angeles and beyond, in these seemingly dire situations, by saving homeowners with absolutely no money up front.  And Freedom Mortgage can help you obtain financing for your new property as well.

Fresh off his TV appearance on “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames”, Freedom Real Estate President Louis Cruz granted an interview to help All Access Magazine readers move in the right direction toward keeping their American Dream of home ownership alive!

All Access Magazine: How did Freedom Real Estate form?

Louis Cruz: I come from the construction industry with ten years’ experience building everything from condos to high rises, and turned all I learned into Freedom Real Estate.  We have been helping homeowners for the past 15 years.  Everybody who works for me has at least a decade of experience in the industry.  They are very knowledgeable in every situation and we’ve heard just about every scenario under the sun these days!

AAM: Who needs to come to you for help?

LC: In this market, we can help a lot of people.  Many are paying on their homes that they owe twice as much on and most of the time it doesn’t make any sense to keep them.  Lenders will try to negotiate your current mortgage for you, in turn try to get all your money before you are forced to leave your house.  We come in before that happens, to help you.  Most of the people we help right now are upside down on their loan and we do our best to get them into a property up front then short sale their home for them.  We can also help increase your credit score.  A client came to me with really low credit scores, within two weeks I had the scores increased dramatically and they closed escrow on their new home in 27 days, which they NEVER thought was possible.  I have several stories like that.  We have also listed homes on the market and put them into escrow in less than 24 hours, which has happened many times.  And by the way, we do not receive our commission unless your new property closes and/or your old property is sold.  We can also help you qualify for financing through our Mortgage division.  This way you can get everything done under one roof; we take the guess work out and do all the work for you.

AAM: What if someone is doing well in the real estate market?

LC: We can get them into other investments for a lot less money in this market.  There has probably not been a better time in history to buy property!  You can get great discounts and interest rates are at an all-time HISTORIC LOW.

AAM: Tell me about this new revolutionary computer software you have for clients.

LC: In about 10 minutes we can let you know what would be best for your situation: purchasing another home and short selling, renting out, buying vs. leasing and on at no charge.  Just call us at (888) 373-6684 and we would be happy to help you!

AAM: Why do you go the extra mile to help people keep their dream alive of owning a home?

LC: I can honestly say I love what I do, I live and breathe it every day!

Freedom Real Estate really can help you save your home or get you into a new one.  Visit their website at  You can contact Louis Cruz at (888) 373-6684 or (888) FRDM MTG.