Armored Saint :: LA RAZA

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Metal Blade Records

Armored SaintThe mighty Armored Saint are back with their latest release, ‘La Raza’. If you were an Armored Saint fan back in the day, what Armored Saint serve up with their new album is a gift from the gods. This is done with solid riffing, slick applications of hooks and harmonies, and vocals with range and gusto, which can actually be understood. Joey vera’s production skills are solid as a rock, well done sir! If you are a fan of no-nonsense metal, with great musicianship, songwriting, and vocals (what else is there?), this is a must have in your music collection. You will soon find yourself singing along to these songs. The guitars played by Jeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval are mean and pull no punches. In my opinion one of the best guitar tandems in rock music. The virtuoso, Joey Vera plays extremely solid bass lines throughout the disk with moments where he really shines. Gonzo Sandoval pounds the skins with great intensity and along with Joey Vera they are among one of the best rhythm sections in the business. The standout tracks for me are “Head On”, “Left Hook From Right Field”, “Black Feet, Little Monkey”, “La Raza” and “Bandit Country”. In short, ‘La Raza’ is packed with memorable moments.  ‘La Raza’ is a true return to form, capturing the real power and potential that the Saint’s 80’s releases hinted, but lacked due to major label productions. A definite contender for album of the year, and true dedicated rockers need to own it. Class dismissed.