ACIDIC releases “Getting Lucky”

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Local band hits jackpot with new CD

AcidicHere comes this young yet capable Southland outfit once again, busting loose with a second album, and be sure of this: it’s a winner. “Getting Lucky,” the new collection that was showcased at ACIDIC’s CD release party at The Whisky on April 9th, contains twelve tracks of tasteful, thoughtful modern rock, marking a forward step that maintains the band’s already-established vibe and momentum. You’ll find new versions of two songs from “Ironic Dreams,” ACIDIC’s previous album: “Strata Red” and “Move On,” and both benefit from the re-working. The fact is, while “Ironic Dreams” was a solid effort and fully worthy as a debut disk, it is plain that the band has gained in technique and has grown even further as a lean, keen, rockin’ machine. Plus, lead singer-guitarist Michael Gossard keeps on writing more of those inventive lyrics, giving novel nods to the highs and lows of love and life — and by combining them with catchy melodies, that adds up to a winning combo on all fronts. Match that with superb production by “The Wizardz Of Oz” in Sherman Oaks, and you’ve got a bundle of tuneage that’s already making its mark on the indie and college scenes.

Fresh songs such as “Closer to the Sun,” “Tell Me,” “No Name,” and “Big Bang” show how Gossard and fellow guitarist-vocalist Michael Thompson shift so effectively between choppy chords and tuneful strumming. This compilation doesn’t aim to be a guitar-hero shredfest, and all songs are under four minutes, but each piece is an artistically satisfying snapshot of feelings in motion. Spot-on bassist Ted Dubrawski helps out with background vocals, contributing to a tone that’s often almost Beatle-like in its sweetness. And on another classic note, it was observed that when ACIDIC played the song “Retrograde” live, it was a riff-intensive composition that seemed to owe a bit to Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick.” No, drummer Matt Whitaker didn’t head out on an extended drum solo at the show, nor on the recording, but he surely has the skills to do so if he chose to, and it would fit. The CD closes with a hauntingly melodic song entitled “Maybe,” which leaves the listener assured that Michael Gossard and his bandmates have the ears for good tunes, the chops to lay them down, and the technical support to make them sound good, very good indeed. With this album, it’s more than luck – it’s also skill and heart.