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Jimmy Buffett will release for the first time ever, a new live acoustic double CD called Encores. This unique collection, recorded in different cities in the U.S. as well as Paris during the 2008/2009 tour, is comprised of the intimate final encore songs at the end of each concert. It features 22 songs, 12 of which are Jimmy performing solo acoustic and the rest with band members or special guests. It is unlike anything he’s released before.

In the accompanying booklet, Jimmy compares great shows to a delicious meal, with the encore being the dessert.  “Encores is a collection of well known and not so well known songs that I think provide a happy ending to a musical meal….and dessert has always been my favorite…I had this idea that we should offer a little more in the way of dessert than we had done in previous years. This collection of ‘lasts’ is a first in a way. In putting it together, my original thought was to just make a collection of these moments. Once assembled and listened to as a set, it came to me, that it is probably the longest encore in history; but in these difficult days in difficult times, maybe a whole bunch of happy endings is really not a bad thing.”

Encores arrives April 20th and is available only at Walmart stores, Walmart.com, Margaritaville retail stores and Margaritaville.com. 30 seconds of each song is now available for preview at walmart.com, margaritaville.com and mailboatrecords.com.

Disk One
1. COME MONDAY 3:59       Jimmy, Robert, Ralph, Mac   Houston, TX 4/21/08
2. TIN CUP CHALICE 3:54    Jimmy Solo     Manassas, VA. 9/1/08
3. GROWING OLDER BUT NOT UP 4:02  Jimmy, Robert, Ralph, Mac  Las Vegas, NV  10/18/08
4. COAST OF CAROLINA   4:51    Jimmy, Peter, Mac  Raleigh, NC  6/7/08        
5. PARADISE  4:01           Jimmy, Mac   Cincinnati, OH 7/17/08
6. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS  4:27    Jimmy, Allen Toussaint on piano  JazzFest, New Orleans, LA  5/3/08
7. NAUTICAL WHEELERS    3:48    Jimmy Solo  Mansfield, MA 9/4/08
8. TRYING TO REASON WITH HURRICANE SEASON 5:07  Jimmy Solo  Mansfield, MA  9/6/08
9. BANANA REPUBLICS  5:28    Jimmy, Robert, Ralph, Mac   San Diego, CA  10/16/08 
10. HE WENT TO PARIS  4:27     Jimmy Solo  Paris, France  9/26/09
11. LAST MANGO IN PARIS  4:18    Jimmy Solo  Atlantic City, NJ  8/24/08

Disk Two           
1. L’AIR DE LA LOUISIANE  3:05    Jimmy Solo  Margaritaville, New Orleans, LA.  5/1/08
2. REGGAEBILLY HILL    3:56    Jimmy Solo   Manassas, VA  8/30/08
3. COAST OF MARSEILLES  4:45    Jimmy, Robert, Ralph, Peter, Tina, Nadirah, Mac   Mountain View, CA  10/21/08
4. LOVELY CRUISE  3:22     Jimmy Solo   Las Vegas, NV  10/25/08
5. OYSTERS AND PEARLS  4:02    Jimmy,  Mac on piano   Wantagh, NY  8/27/08         
6. WILDFLOWERS  4:05    Jimmy, Peter, Mac   Las Vegas, NV  10/25/08
7. DEFYING GRAVITY  3:14    Jimmy Solo  Philadelphia, PA  6/14/08
8. IT’S A BIG OLE GOOFY WORLD  5:01    Jimmy Solo  Chicago, IL  7/24/08          
9. DEATH OF AN UNPOPULAR POET  3:14    Jimmy Solo  Pittsburgh, PA  7/22/08 
10. BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND  4:15    Jimmy Solo   Newport, RI  8/3/08 
11. A PIRATE LOOKS AT FORTY 5:02    Jimmy and Jake  Waikiki, HI   2/28/09