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Determination to Get People’s Attention: Part 1

Wooden JesusReno, Nevada it’s known as the biggest but littlest city in the world and what does it have hidden within its mists, well some Modesto locals known as Wooden Jesus. These guys have been hard at work writing, rehearsing, recording, you name they’ve currently done it, and now they want to express it and have done so by talking to me about what we can expect from this much anticipated release. Kevin Minor (KM), Roger Guajardo (KG), Zach Lucero (ZL), along with Andrew Thrasher (AT) get the goods on this first half unexpected of what went on behind the studio.

AAM:  Where are you guys in the recording process now?

KM: We just finished our 2nd day of pre-production, with our producer Jeff Cloyes (Into The Moat and Bishop) who has been really great, we have been very productive.

RG: We are really excited to work with Jeff Cloyes and Tom Gordon.  Jeff has worked with Crowbar, Lauren Hill, 311, and Tom has worked with Ozzy, CCR, and Collective Soul, just to name a few.

AAM:  What should fans expect from this record?

ZL: We really wanted to put out an album of straight up fucking rippers.  We really want to get people’s attention.

AT: We are focusing on putting out a great ALBUM as opposed to something with one radio single and a bunch of shit fillers to take up space.

AAM: Can you tell me about a few songs from the album?

ZL: We have a new song that Andy brought to the table yesterday and we’ve all been busting our asses to get it ready for the studio, this song has never been heard or played live, so we’re all really excited to put it on the album. This song really steps outside of what we’re used to, but is still definitely Wooden Jesus, its heavy as shit. We have another new song called DNA that is one of the heaviest songs we have.

KM: DNA is just sludgy and f#*king grinds.

AAM: Does Wooden Jesus have traditions or pastimes in the studio? Or is there anything you can’t live without while recording?

AT: To be honest, we like to have a good time, we get some beers in us, and do what we love doing and just play our asses off.

RG: We throw down and get our shit done.

ZL: Lots of Keystone (when broke), Top Ramen, and Marlboro Lights.  And I can’t play without my Specter basses…. How’s that PJ!!!!

KM: Focus, and sixteen Wahl pedals.

AAM: When and where did most of these songs come together?

AT: Late nights… Hookers… Cocaine and booze… (Everyone laughs)

AAM: What is the songwriting process in Wooden Jesus like and has it changed at all since recording your demo?

ZL: Andrew brings a handful of songs at different times, we work through them, and some of them stick right off the bat, some of them we come back to later.  We literally have so much material to go through, a lot of good songs get left behind (unfortunately), but the songs keep evolving by leaps and bounds.  Andy and I have been collaborating much more on the lyric writing process than before, which has been really cool, sometimes he’ll just send me an email saying write lyrics to this song, which has been a challenge, but worth it when it’s finished.

KM: We all put our own spin on it to make it as good as possible.

AT: As a songwriter, I have learned not to force the music to do what I want it to do, and just let it cultivate naturally.  I think music should have a human element to it and I try to let it evolve on its own.

RG: For me it’s laying down a wall of beats and trying to make the sound as huge as I possibly can, as well as contributing with harmonies that compliment Andy’s vocal melody.  As for change, I have taken a more aggressive, straight forward approach towards my playing, and I’m pleased to see the way things are heading for us.

KM: I wasn’t around during the demo, but these guys have been supportive of my playing and treated me like a brother since the beginning.

AT: It’s so gay.

To Be Continued…