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The Feisty PiranhasPeter Lust, a Spacecraft Consultant by day a Drummer by night.

Peter was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, by German Parents. His mother, Evelyn was a famous opera singer who performed on The Lawrence Welk Show.

Peter was an avid Hockey Player, playing from age four to eighteen. He also loved to water ski whenever the Canadian lakes weren’t frozen over. When the lake was only partially frozen you could find him snowmobiling over the Canadian hills. After trying many instruments, the young Peter received a set of Drums at the age of 12. He would play them in his house, a 300-year-old Hudson Bay Trading Post, in the dungeon.

Fast Forward to 1976. He drove his motorcycle to America and joined the US Air Force as Laser Electronics major. After four long years and much civilian space engineering work he earned his Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and started a successful Spacecraft consulting firm which represents some of the world’s top Satellite communications and optical equipments Manufacturers.

Now playing Drums in The Feisty Piranhas. He respects the excellent drumming abilities of many drummers like Thomas Lang, Neil Peart, Tony Brock drummer of the Babys and Peter’s teacher, Jimmy Ford – The Buddie Rich of 21st Century, also Peter’s teacher, and the list goes on.

Drumming is a release of his mind and a potion for his mind.

He now plays a custom built PIRANHA series Drum kit from Ford Drums and an Exotic Birds Eye Maple DW Drum Set, Utilizing prototype and production cymbals from Zildjian of which you can read more about on the Equipment Page. He is a down-to-earth guy who just happens to take everything in life serious, only to make it all the best it could be. This is one Drummer that doesn’t Mess Around.

Peter Alexander Lust III could be called the “brainchild” of The Feisty Piranhas and PIRANHA, but he is really just a normal Teenager. He attends a private High School with a 4.0 GPA. He listens mainly to metal, punk, blues, or alternative rock, just like any other So Cal Teen. There are two distinctly different things about this “average teen”. First of all, he is hearing impaired with only 25% hearing in his left ear (50% with a hearing aid), and 5% in the right. His other difference only seems more different with his hearing handicaps. He writes the majority of the music for The Feisty Piranhas, including most of the lyrics. Although many teens play and write music, few can do what Peter Alex does at his age and with his hearing handicaps. Now let’s go to the beginning, early 1988, a boy that was to be named Peter Alexander Lust III was born. His father, Peter, had a great passion for music that rubbed off on to Peter Alex. His mother also was an avid music fan, especially jazz and soul. On Peter Alex’s 2nd birthday, he was given a guitar. Right then started what would become the musician that he is today. Up to this point he has had training for Jazz, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Musical Theory. He has gone through numerous surgeries at UCLA Medical Center under the attention of Dr. Henry Kawamoto. He takes his greatest inspirations from Alex Lifeson of Rush, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield of Metallica, and the Bluesy-Rock of Eric Johnson. He almost totally swears by Minarik Guitars, Voodoo and VHT amplifiers. You can also catch him playing a few Modded Fender Strats and Dean ML’s. He takes his music very seriously and also has a lot of fun giving it to the world.

Getting Feisty with The Feisty Piranhas

Interview by Debra Stocker…

All Access Magazine (AAM): Please, sum up your music in 3 words for our readers.

Peter Lust (PL): Complicated, fun, exciting.

Peter Alexander Lust III (PAL3): Truthful, Melodic, and Feisty.

AAM: What changes have you made within your band since you formed?

PL:  We have had different guitar and bass players play with us over the years.  We are much more structured now than 10 years ago.  We all work harder at trying to be good musicians and performers.

PAL3: We have always had the same outlook with Feisty Piranhas since day one: to promote a message through music on our own without outside help from Corporate entities. And that is still how we operate now! We have had many line up changes, my pops and I have been in it since the start, now we have Chris Mullen on guitar, and Ned Gardner and Will MacGregor sharing bass duties. We operate on weird schedules and having options for live shows is a great thing to have when you’re a band. You never really know what to expect at a Feisty Piranhas show!

AAM: What is the ONE thing your fans don’t know about The Feisty Piranhas?

The Feisty PiranhasPAL3: We argue ALOT! If we didn’t argue, it wouldn’t feel like Feisty Piranhas. We’re all big-headed guys with opinions that paired with being in a band with a family member, it can really get hectic. Through all that madness though, we achieve a certain emotion and angst that comes through the music. Call it Feisty 😉

AAM: What has been your most memorable event thus far?

PL: Opening for Dragon Force, Opening for Blue Oyster Cult, opening for MISFITS and working with some of the greatest drummers in the world, Gregg Bissonette and Thomas Lang.

PAL3: As a musician, definitely when I got to play Linoleum onstage with NOFX at the Henry Fonda in Los Angeles in 2009. As a Feisty Piranha, probably when we finished recording The End. It was such a big project that took almost a year to perfect, it was finally really rewarding to finish it and have it to give to people.

AAM: If you could or wanted to, would you go back and change anything about your band, or the direction you have traveled so far?

PL: Not a thing.  It has been great being able to play with my son, who I consider an extremely talented young man.

PAL3: MORE COWBELL!! This band is all of our brainchild, what we do is how we feel at that moment in time. We have changed many things over the years, and we continue to change. I can’t exactly say what will be changed, but we definitely evolve over time!

AAM: If you could or was asked, what would be the charity your band would most prefer to perform for? And why?

PL: Obesity and Diabetes.

PAL3: I’d love to play for a charity that benefits those that are hard of hearing, also I really want to play for; Americans for the Separation of Church and State!!

AAM: I see you have a lot of concert dates coming up. Do you care to share with our readers?

The Feisty PiranhasPL:  Yes we are coming off alot of great shows with Dragon Force and Misfits and Death By Stereo, coming up are four great shows during the month of April: Feisty Fools Night at The Canyon Club on April 1st, featuring Feisty Piranhas, Tantalus Muse, Shadows Of Aries and Acidic.

April 2: Ultra Shore Lounge in Long Beach with Ignite plus Bullets and Octane;.

Then Opening for Blue Oyster Cult for the third year in a row April 23 at the Ventura Theater;

April 24: The Galaxy in Santa Ana

We also play the Main Stage at the Indie Music Fest at the Henry Fonda Theater on May 22.

Also we will be playing at a 100th Anniversary for a town in Montreal in August, where Feisty Piranhas are the headliner on the last night of the summer event.

AAM: What are are your career aspirations, as a band?

PL:  We would like to continue the path we are on.  We are recording album number 5 now, and working on as many live shows that make sense as possible.  We very much want to get to stadium performing and will work to get to that goal.

PAL3: I want to make the best music we can, play live to people that are looking for something to connect to. I know what it’s like to be a kid with nothing to connect to, Feisty Piranhas was my connection! I hope it can help other people connect as well!

AAM:  What’s the best way your fans can keep up with your bands concerts dates, releases etc?

PL:  Peter Alex takes good care of the Facebook and My Space, these are the best ways.  Our website is and has stores with the latest updates from the band

PAL3:, Facebook, ReverbNation,, and we have our own page on YouTube!

AAM: AAM wishes the Feisty Piranhas continued success, is there anything else you would like your fans to know?

PL:  I would like to thank all our fans and people that have supported the band over the years.  It is humbly appreciated and we recognize that our fans are what make this whole music thing fun, Thank you!

PAL3: You guys help make us do what we do, we appreciate all you guys do for us, Thank You and GET FEISTY!!!