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Michele VreelandMichele VreelandIn addition to being the “land of milk and honey,” California is home to a mixture of different musical styles.  Nowhere is this more apparent than the music of Michele Vreeland.  You will find a dash of rock, a sprinkle of Country, and a smattering of folk all throughout this album.  The thread that holds it all together is some very well-crafted songwriting on each track.

On the opener, “Wanted To Say,” Vreeland possesses a soaring and sweet vocal approach, which brings to mind some of the finest qualities of 1980s pop.  On some cuts, she goes for the more dramatic flair, like she does on the exquisite “Want More.” As a songwriter, she succeeds in going for the brass ring each time out, hitting highest with the stunning “Understanding.”

Stylistically, she reminds me of Jewel quite a bit, with that comparison being the most evident on tracks like “Wanted To Say” and “I’m A Person.” She’s at her best in that singer-songwriter vein, especially on the story song “Nico,” which is very much in the essence of Jewel and Sarah McLachlan style.

While this is only a seven-cut EP, I think there is enough here to warrant her getting more time in the studio, which I think will help her set herself further apart from the pack… Not that she does badly here! This is a treat from start to finish!

For more about Michele or to buy this CD, visit www.michelevreeland.com

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