King Washington

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Molly Malones – Los Angeles

Molly Malone’s has a warm atmosphere which is accommodating to this bands’ unique Style and genre. Just a few minutes into King Washington’s set and it becomes obvious why they have a residency here. There is a nice crowd for a Thursday, very relaxed and grooving to the well-crafted songs and fantastic harmonies that are delivered at just the right volume to appreciate every bit of their talent. One can almost imagine stepping back in time 40 years or so to hear incredible harmonies from songs obviously influenced from a time gone by. From the punchy guitar sounds on “I get By” to “Angela”, it’s easy to get lost and imagine you are watching The Ed Sullivan show, with all the best musical elements from the past. Interactive with the audience and each other, they switch off vocals and even instruments because they can. “Why” has the ability to send one’s mind off into memories of summer nights enjoying life in all its splendor. After forty minutes of aural pleasure it’s obviously not the kind of set where you drown your sorrows in beer and these guys work better than Zoloft as an antidepressant. All this is complemented by a venue that itself has the look of a 50’s hangout for the best of songwriter’s and poets from an era long past.