Kalmah – 12 Gauge

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Released Date – 24 Feb 2010

My Ratings – 7/10

Track listing

  1. “Rust Never Sleeps” 5:16
  2. “One of Fail” 4:10
  3. “Bullets Are Blind” 4:27
  4. “Swampwar” 4:19
  5. “Better Not to Tell” 3:58
  6. “Hook the Monster” 4:04
  7. “Godeye” 4:25
  8. “12 Gauge” 5:50
  9. “Sacramentum” 6:28

KalmahKalmah is only 12 years old but they are sure givin some great competition to the melodic death metal gods like Bodom, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility etc. They are the perfect brand of melodic death metal. The new album ’12 Gauge’ is the sixth studio album by this great band from finland.’12 Gauge’ is 42 minutes of true metal. It features Pekka Kokko (vocals & Guitar), Antti Kokko (Guitar), Marco Sneck (keyboards), Timo Lehtinen (bass) and Janne Kusmin (drums).

The Album kick starts with the song ‘Rust never sleeps’. It has a slow acoustic intro but it gains tempo. Pekka’s vocals on this one are fairly low. Pekka has adopted low growls which he used on the album’ The black Waltz’. The next song ‘One of Fail’ starts with a brilliant high speech scream. It is really amazing to see how Pekka changes his vocals. The awesome lead work done by Antti has to be appreciated.The chorus has some Chanting/Gang vocals lines. The chorus leads into a melodic solo by Antti.’Bullets Are Blind’ starts with a melodic riff .It builds up to a usual Kalmah song with vocals bang on target. The next song ’Swampwar’ starts off at a pretty fast pace but does get a bit slow. It’s the most melodic song on the album. The chorus has great lyrics with gang vocals. It has great tremolo picking stuff in the entire song. The next ’Better Not to Tell’ starts with a slow palm muting riff .This song is rather slow and still heavy. Kalmah has incorporated some awesome tasty riffs in this album. ”Hook The Monster’ has a great solo, marco has done great stuff with the intro. The drummer Kusmin remains highly under rated. The next song ’Godeye’ reminds me of ‘Burning creation’ by Amon Amarth.The best part of the song starts after the intro riff. The next song ’12 gauge’ has an acoustic intro, the vocals are crazily high. This is easily the best song on the album. The intro leads to brilliant thrash riffs.’12 gauge’ also has a music video. The last song on the album ’Sacramentum’ is the second best song the album. It has a fast paced riff with some great melodic leads .The end part of the song has great acoustic stuff with classy keyboard work by Marco.

Overall, this is a must buy for the melodic death fans. Kalmah has added some wonderful and tasteful acoustic guitar parts and have added another dimension to their music. The choruses have some great chanting vocals which keeps the listeners entertained. The drumming is kickass, Janne Kusmin is a very underrated drummer. But his work on this album is noticeable. In spite all that ’12 gauge’ is still isn’t right up there for me. It’s nothing new by Kalmah. They have certainly added some new stuff to their arsenal but it doesn’t seem like they have tried to make any new brand of music.

Best songs-Rust Never Sleeps, 12 Gauge, Sacramentum