Edison Sunrise

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Edison SunriseAn EP is a chance for a band to give the world a little glimpse of what they’re about and to prove they’re more than just a few guys getting together in someone’s garage.  It’s also a litmus test to determine where they’re at musically and how to drain some of that weak sauce down the garbage disposal.  Edison Sunrise’s EP “Lifer” is a nice starting point for a dedicated band and it gives them an idea of what their future will hold.

Like any successful band, Edison Sunrise is at its best when it utilizes all their parts in the most proficient way.  “Lifer’s” obvious high point is the first track of the album, “Mean Streets”.  An electric guitar blares a “Foxy Ladyesque” chord that carries on through the constant crashing drums and ominous lyrics about wandering through the streets at night.  The first lyric “There are freaks around”, sets the tone and it feels as if creeps are right behind your shoe heels.

The EP struggles on two tracks that contain nothing more than an acoustic guitar and vocals from a signer struggling to reach a range he can’t achieve.  “One Summer Too Fast” has a nice lazy beach rhythm but could use more enthusiasm and, “Pocket Full of Gold” is repetitive and the singer is forcing himself to reach where he can’t grab.

“Life Forms” is an exciting upbeat track that has a nice stingy bar sound that reeks of stale beer and heavy smoke (oh the days), but in a good way.  The lyrics could be sung more clearly but I attribute this more to shoddy mixing than articulacy.  “Trust Your Instincts” uses pace changes and a 90’s grunge-sounding chorus to add some variety to their mostly singular sound but could use a little more energy overall.

Once Edison Sunrise finds its most efficient use of their resources it they have the ability to be a successful band.  When their next album comes I expect to see a vast improvement and hopefully they will realize their full potential.  www.EdisonSunrise.com