Broken – J. Matthew Nespoli

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J. Matthew NespoilRelease Date: January 1, 2010
Author: J. Matthew Nespoli
Publisher: World Audience, Inc.
Hardcover 370 pages

My rating points: 9 out of 10

Hermosa Beach, California is where new coming novelist, J. Matthew Nespoli resides, with his loving wife and newborn son, Mr. Nespoli has spent his time traveling, meeting new people, and keeping himself occupied at all costs, and now he’s finally cranked! Well sort of, with his debut efforts entitled “Broken”.

J. Matthew NespoilMr. Nespoli takes us into the lives of thirteen complete strangers whose lives have become entangled in a mix-matched misfortune of unforgiving tragedy. Chronicling their journey as they seek what most would want more than anything in a crisis such as theirs…. happiness. Take Skye for instance, she’s a teenager on the rise of rock stardom. Suffering the despair of becoming homeless let alone battling the fence addiction of being a drug addict, this rock star will forever live a dreamless land of unattainable misery. Whilst Amber, a young mother on the run, is running for her life from two dangerous men from her past, who of course want nothing more than to have their way with this little dismal in distress. But will they have their chance?

It’s untelling what might happen but then again you never know until you read in and see for yourself. But enough about the girl’s lives what about the men? Indeed these two young women do befriend one another building an unforgettable bond unlike any other. Whereas Dylan and TJ suffer their own misfortunes, Dylan being a pseudo-intellectual-Chuck Palahniuk wanna-be type, not to mention being a total cynic. While his roommate TJ takes the night shift flipping burgers at the local mall stand while struggling to full fill his dream of becoming the next world famous actor. Both these men haven’t gotten a clue as to how their lives will end up.

In the end, “Broken”, walks away with being that must read book of the New Year – having won an award for being the best short story from Joyous Publishing in 2006, but has also been adapted as a screenplay currently being shopped around the Hollywood turf. Fans of such films as Crash, and Fight Club will easily fall head over heels.