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Label: Phantom Domestic

OutloudOUTLOUD is a brand new Greek-American melodic rco band with strong 80s vibe. The band’s self-titled debut release, is probably one of the biggest surprises in the genre of melodic hard rock scene as it brings together some of the greatest musicians from the US and Greece; FIREWIND’s Bob Katsionis (keys-guitars) and Mark Cross (drums) join forces with the voice of TALON ChandlerMogel. The line up is completed by Greek newcomers Tony Kash (guitars) and Jason Mercury (bass). The result is top notch melodic hard rock/metal with nod to the great vibe of the 80’s rock music scene. The melodies go straight for the heart. The arrangements quite proudly use plenty of great guitar solos and killer gang chorus effects and it’s a great disc for driving down the highway to. Weirdly enough it’s the uniform quality of the CD that detracts from it slightly as there are few peaks and valleys to break up the record for the listener. But if pressed I’d have to point the prospective Outloud fans to the rocking numbers “What I Need” and “We Run” as being very good examples of the sort of rocking experience that awaits you. And they’ll show you how this band play both loudly and proudly with the aim of blowing you away. The songs are attacked with verve and spirit and I defy anybody to listen to this album without cracking a smile.  All in all every track is guaranteed to rock. Need to mention that the production of the album is very good which allows all the listeners to listen to every single detail. Hope you enjoy this album as much as I have. Great job guys!