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Good songs sing with only a single guitar

Kings TonicMore than 200 shows on 3 continents – even a lot of signed bands from Germany do not have a tour record like this. Still the pop punks of King’s Tonic have never had a record deal: “Because nowadays – economically understandable – labels will not invest sizeably in newcomers, signing away our freedom for only a small percentage of the takings never made real sense to us.”

Nevertheless by cultural and industrial sponsors King’s Tonic have always found the funds for music releases and tours. “To us touring abroad musically as well as personally is essential. We enjoy meeting people from other cultural backgrounds and get inspired by the new impressions. Music as the universal language makes you connect in a special way.” For example the band toured China, Malaysia as well as Singapore and a self-organised tour took the foursome around California and to Las Vegas in 2008. After their gig at L.A.’s Whisky A Go-Go booker Celina Denkins predicted: “King’s Tonic is a quality band full of energy and catchy tunes. Surely, they have a hit song in their future.”

At least they got as close as bands without a record deal in Germany get to a hit song: two of their songs went into the 2009 annual newcomer and unsigned radio charts of “DasDing”, the youth station of one of Germany’s biggest broadcasting stations “Südwestrundfunk”. The punk rocking “Naked” from the 2008 album “Fuck Your Neighbour” charted no. 9, while more metal inspired “21” from their recent EP took no. 1.

In February/March King’s Tonic will be back to California. “We had such a great time meeting new friends and bands, we’d like to repeat this experience.” That means, singer James Mean and bass man Swen O. Heiland will. Suiting the band’s credo: “Large arrangements are just needed to cover weaknesses, a good song sings with only a single guitar”, the two are going to play this tour unplugged. With Swen on guitar “Naked” strips into a ballad and James gains more room to play his smoke layered voice tinged with the metal influence in the pop punks’ songs, but other than that, their set keeps its rocking drive. “Interaction and – at best – emotional rapport with people enjoying our music is the fun part in playing live. Unplugged music brings about a denser atmosphere much closer to an audience, in other words: intensified fun.”

Convincing venues abroad without a local promoter or booker is rather difficult, but so far three dates are confirmed, for others King’s Tonic are shortlisted: “Since they have no means to make sure we rock a show, it’s fair they make certain that we rock up – and we will.”

Dates and venues:

28. Feb. 2010,  20:00 – The Rock it Room, San Francisco, California
05. March 2010,  20:00 – The Doll Hut, Anaheim, California
08. March 2010,  20:00 –  Puka Bar, Long Beach, California