Katy Perry :: MTV Unplugged CD/DVD

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Capitol Records/MTV Television

Santa Barbara based campy recording artist Katy Perry has released “Katy Perry MTV Unplugged Limited Edition CD + DVD,” on Capitol Records/MTV Television.” The multi-platinum singer-songwriter puts her unique signature of global pop culture on this engaging CD/DVD recorded live in New York on July 22, 2009 presenting some of her most well-known songs in a whole new way. She has put forth songs like her No. 1 hits, “I Kissed A Girl,” “Waking Up In Vegas,” along with the No.1 Video “Thinking of You,” and popular tracks, “Ur So Gay,” and “Lost,” from her debut album, “One of the Boys,” which has sold five million copies worldwide.

The DVD also features live performances and an interview section where Perry answers your pressing questions. The package comes with a CD version of five recognizable songs, a cover version of the Fountain of Wayne’s song “Hackensack,” and the never before released original song, “Brick by Brick.” The DVD offers the MTV Unplugged performances and Interview with Perry section.

Perry dressed in a willowy white like wedding grown delivers a`rousing performance starting off by singing a jazzy remake of her most recognizable tune, “I Kissed A Girl,” where she is expressing herself by suggesting that she wants to discover her sexuality. She goes into describing in the interview section of the DVD how “Ur So Gay,” is one of her favorite songs and taps into her experience with an ex-boyfriend who went about wearing her clothes and getting into her eyeliner. This track uses a horn section again re-mixing the song with jazzy elements to this popular tune.

“Hackensack,” she reveals that this cover version of Fountains of Wayne is the perfect song explaining that when you are on tour an awhile away from the person you love it’s always nice to know that there is somebody to come home to. This song reveals a more country vibe and explores the use of a string section.

“Thinking of You,” Perry says that this song is one of her favorites to play live where she strips down the song using an acoustic guitar with her breathy vocals about the feeling of being love struck and having a longing feeling for that loved one. “Lost,” Perry explains her faith based background and how you can go from a small town to the big city and the feeling of getting lost. The song explores that strong experience of soul searching. Perry explains that many of the songs on “One of the Boys,” were created when she was 17-23 where she is sharing her experiences in her life without airing her dirty laundry and how she has toughened up with her stint on the ’08 Warp Tour.

“Waking Up In Vegas,” is a wild song about being hung-over and broke and out of conrol. Finally, “Brick by Brick,” is where it all started for her a song that she would eventually like to put out on an acoustic record…it’s about not throwing it all away and not giving up on the “us”. You may be in different places figuratively and in reality, but you can make it work out.

Katy Perry joins a distinguished roster of MTV Unplugged performers including Eric Clapton, Tony Bennett, Nirvana and others. Katy Perry is only the fourth artist in history to have 4 singles, 3 of which went to No.1 from a debut album. Perry is a Brit Award winner and MTV Europe Music Award winner, and is also a Grammy Award winner, MTV Video Music Award and Teen Choice Award nominee. This CD/DVD combination gives you a porthole in the mind behind the music and creative process of Katy Perry. She explains that all of her music is based on life experiences as she reveals that she is like a sponge soaking up all kinds of ideas for her songs and music.