Lee Goodale Gets Candella Whipped

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Guitarist/Vocalist plus leading front man of up and coming rockers Candella – Lee Goodale spoke to me via email to discuss the band’s togetherness, latest release, upcoming plans and what is to become of Candella once the Spring and Summer terms has whistled right on through.

All Access  Magazine (AAM):  Give me a brief summary on how Candella came to be?

Lee: We all have been in different bands over the years in Rochester, NY.  I met mike B. guitar in a previous band called Hollow ground. That band broke up and we formed what is now Candella. We needed a drummer and not a month later Mike B. met Mike D. (drums) at his new job.  One tryout later and he was in the band.  Mike V. otherwise known as “Red”came into complete the lineup from the band Weisenheimer.

AAM:  How did you come up with the band name, Candella, what does it symbolize?

Lee:  I found the name Candella in a chemistry book.  It symbolizes luminous intensity focused in a particular direction.  We thought it was the perfect metaphor for what we are doing as a band.  Pretty much we focus all of our energy to create music.

AAM: Faultline Entertainment is the label your apart of how did you get involved with them?

Lee:  We got involved with Faultline Entertainment through myspace. I really liked the artists that they were working with at the time and I sent them a message. Now here we are releasing “Self Inflicted”!

AAM: What about your newest release “Self Inflicted” who came up with the title, lyrics and who produced it?

Lee: The title self inflicted came from the death certificate of a close family member in 2008.  I write the lyrics and we collectively write the music.  Self Inflicted was produced by Rae Dileo (Filter/Billy Idol,Army of Anyone) and Candella and was co-produced by Steven Bier Jr. and Brian Diemar.

AAM:  How can fans get a copy of this album?

Lee: Fans can get a hardcopy through amazon.com and can download it off iTunes.

AAM: What does 2010 have in store for Candella?

Lee:  We plan on touring this spring and summer.  We are working on lining up many European festival dates as well.  We are also writing our next CD as we speak and hope to release it in late 2010.

AAM: Will we be seeing Candella on the touring circuit anytime soon?

Lee:  That is the plan.  We recently bought an old tour bus that we plan to put many miles on.  We are lining up shows for the spring and summer.

AAM: How much would you say the internet has impacted Candella?

Lee:  The internet is huge.  It has allowed us to reach a huge audience of rock fans all over the world.  We have mailed CDs to New Zealand, France, Australia, etc… It is such a great way to reach new fans.

AAM: Who are some of your major influences you look up to the most?

Lee:  We all have so many.  My biggest influences would have to be the music that I grew up with: Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Tool, STP, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc…

AAM:  Is there anything that you would like to add?

Lee:  We would like to thank all the Candella fans out there!  Stop by our myspace, myspace.com/candella.  Thanks!