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Cat Club, West Hollywood CA

Bruce Kulick did a short show to celebrate the release of his latest solo album ‘BK3’ here at the Cat Club tonight, probably the smallest club on the Sunset strip which made for the most intimate atmosphere you would ever be a part of. Quite a few familiar faces and big names from the rock n roll fraternity were seen at one point or another, including Rudy Sarzo, Steve Lukather and Bruce’s producer Geremy Rudolino. Nick Simmons was also present along with the camera crew of the show ‘Family Jewels’, who filmed a major portion of the proceedings.

Bruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce KulickBruce Kulick

After two opening bands finished their sets, Bruce Kulick came out on stage to loud cheers from the small crowd, with his band mates Todd Kerns (vocals/rhythm guitar), Adam Kury (bass) and Brent Fitz (drums).  Although this was his CD release show, most of the songs were from his KISS catalog, which wasn’t anything to complain about at all. They did play two songs from BK3 though, ‘Hand Of The King’ with Nick on vocals and ‘No Friend Of Mine’ with Jeremy Rudolino on acoustic guitar. Nick Simmons was really great with his performance tonight, bringing a lot of energy on the stage. It is pretty obvious where from he got that stage presence and voice. They did that song twice and the second time it was merely for the Family Jewels filming purpose. Jeremy was really good on that acoustic guitar as well.

They ended the set with Bruce’s favorite KISS song, ‘God Gave Rock N Roll’. So it was a very short but entertaining set of songs. Tears Are Falling was the highlight for me. After the show Bruce was nice enough to come back out in the crowd to sign autographs and pose for pictures. All in all, a great night out for all KISS and Bruce Kulick fans, and I wish him all the best with the new CD, which kicks ass!

Here’s the complete set list:

  1. Hell Or High Water
  2. Hide Your Heart
  3. Tears Are Falling
  4. Heart Of Chrome
  5. Hand Of The King (with Nick Simmons on vocals)
  6. No Friend Of Mine
  7. I Walk Alone
  8. God Gave Rock N Roll

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