Broken Teeth :: Viva La Rock Fantastico

Written by on February 18, 2010 in February 18, 2010, Music Reviews - Comments Off on Broken Teeth :: Viva La Rock Fantastico

Label: Perris Records

Broken Teeth return with their latest slab of pure uncut rock fury with, ‘Viva La Rock Fantastico’, and just like their previous outings, this one is a rattlesnake with one bad ass attitude. The new album is a power-chord bonanza that is sure to get your blood pumping in no time flat! If you’re an AC/DC fan and you haven’t heard Broken Teeth, shame on you! Where have you been?! Broken Teeth are a guaranteed can of whoop ass who take no prisoners! As the boys serve up with the new album. Some of the standouts are the ball breaking movers like “Twister”, “Bullet”, and “Blackheart”. Danko Jones lends his vocal chops on the adrenaline induced title track and “Big Spender” (by the way thanks to the fan that sent Jason the CD that featured Danko Jones). Then you have “Exploder”, proving once and for all why Broken Teeth are a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve listened to Broken Teeth before you already know what to expect. Nothing fancy, this is Jason McMaster and the boys coming out swinging and going for the throat from the moment you press play. If McMaster’s straight from the gut lyrics, guttural vocals, and the bands scorching guitar riffs don’t get your blood boiling, then you are simply D.O.A! Like I mentioned before, if you love AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, there is no way you are going to get off with Broken Teeth. These a rock and roll renegades love this music too and they are not ashamed to acknowledge these influences. However, what they do, and do so well, is to drag rock music into the new millennium and give it a kick up the ass for good measure! If you want great rock ‘n’ roll – loud, hard and fast with great guitar work, sing-a-long choruses and heavy drum beats, Broken Teeth’s ‘Viva La Rock Fantastico’ is sure to satisfy. They say, actions speak louder than words, get your hands on this bad boy and hit play. You’ll hear and feel what I mean! THIS ALBUM ROCKS! VIVA BROKEN TEETH!