Blaze Bayley :: Promise and Terror

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  1. Watching The Night Sky (3:36)
  2. Madness And Sorrow (3:09)
  3. 1633 (6:03)
  4. God Of Speed (5:40)
  5. City Of Bones (6:25)
  6. Faceless (3:46)
  7. Time To Dare (5:41)
  8. Surrounded By Sadness (3:59)
  9. The Trace Of Things That Have No Words (5:47)
  10. Letting Go Of The World (6:23)
  11. Comfortable In Darkness (4:59)

One of the most anticipated metal albums of 2010 has finally released. It’s the fifth studio album by the English heavy metal “Blaze Bayley” and the second studio album release since they changed their name from “Blaze”. This album features Blaze Bayley (Vocals),Jay Walsh & Nick Bermudez(Guitars),Larry Paterson(Drums) and David Bermudze (bass).

The album kick starts with the song “watching the night sky”. This song has a fast paced catchy palm muting intro riff with a very catchy chorus. The vocals  are more melodic than their fourth album “The Man Who Would Not Die” but are very similar to Bruce Dickinson.It has a memorable chorus with some great lyrics(Feeling the pain of the absence of you… watching the night sky, watching the night sky)

The next song “Madness and sorrow” kicks off with a fast tempo riff. The intro riff has some impressive chunky hammer-ons and pull-offs. Both the guitarists Nico Bermudez  and Jay Walsh  have  done some great short solos at the end of the song .This is one of the heaviest songs on the album. It has a brilliant extended chorus with a mixture some awesome melodic leads more like a maiden song.

The next song ”1633” starts with a distinctive loud bass line by David Barmudez. The Bass intro leaves into some great tremolo picking stuff by Nicko Bermudez and Jay Walsh. But in spite of some great vocals by Blaze & awesome riffs this song disappoints. This easily the worse songs of the record.

The next song “God of Speed” starts off with a slow intro riff. This is the song which gives  this album  the whole Progressive touch. Nico and Jay finally get to show their great guitar skills. The intro leads to some awesome sweep picking stuff by Nico. And because of a great song title this is surely one of the best songs on this album.

The next song “City of Bones” starts with the drums and later joined by the guitars. But it builds up into something exciting for the listeners. The vocals are almost perfect. It has a simple and catchy main riff. The chorus has some great lyrics (Fight You stand fight, Fight for your life, stand and fight for your life…).The chorus leads into a great solo with some great double bass by Larry Paterson. ”City of Bones” is the longest song of the album and it is certainly the best song of this record.

The next song ”Faceless”  reminds of the 80’s metal .It has very ordinary intro riff. It’s easily the worst songs of this record. The lyrics are very uninspiring and it has very simple build up so it would excite the listeners.

The next song” Time to dare”, starts with a great slow melodic solo followed by a great intro section. The chorus is something to look forward to. The second solo leads to an unexpected clean part with some great vocals in the background. The lyrics are very deep (Night after night i wonder what they, Night after night i wonder what i am seeing, Night after night something is haunting me). The song ends with a fast spaced solo.

The next song “surrounded by sadness” is the eighth song of the record. It starts with the awesome slow acoustic part. It has some great lyrics in the long chorus (Sadness surrounding me, Sadness surrounding me, Sadness surrounding me).It builds into a melodic solo at the end much like Judas priest’s Angel.

The next song “The trace of things that have no words” is a great progressive song with some great evil progressive riffs. It has some great chunky parts and some great fast vocals by Blaze. There are some few noticeable solos in small sections.

The second last song of this album “Letting go of the world” starts off really slow intro with Jay on acoustic and Nico on clean electric. It has a great breakdown riff with some extended bends. It has also has a great slow melodic solo.

The last song “comfortable in darkness” has a great title .The lyrics are very deep and dark (“I must learn to be comfortable in darkness…). In the middle it does get progressive. But it’s not really the right way to end this album.

Overall this album is not better than their last release “The man that would not die”. But it’s a decent dark, melodic progressive album. Blaze Bayley’s Vocals are bang on target. Nico and Jay haven’t really showed any extraordinary solos or anything but they are still impressive. The bassist David Bermudez has done a great job on the album. But, the drummer Larry Paterson has been the real disappointment. This album “Promise and Terror” still deserves a listen. And it’s a must for all the people who like Progressive stuff.

Best songs – Watching the night sky, City of bones (best song), Time to Dare