Soul Searching with 8MM

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8MMLet’s see. If PJ Harvey, Tricky and Portishead swapped spit in the studio, it would go something like 8MM. That’s just the beginning.

Here’s a bit of history. If you are familiar with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, which I’m hoping you are, then you have most likely heard of Sean Beavan.  The man’s a genius for crying out loud! He’s mixed and produced some of the biggest albums ever; including “The Downward Spiral” and “Antichrist Superstar”. He has most recently worked on Manson’s latest album “The High End of Low”.

Along the way he was asked to produce an album for Kill Hannah. Some last minute requests to add female vocals led him to include his wife, Juliette, to sing in a chorus. The manner in which she captivated him and his engineer prompted him to write a song called “Never Enough”. With Juliette adding some lyrics, what erupted was a sound so ethereal and intoxicating, they formed 8MM. Since their inception, they’ve been drawing in fans left and right. When I say “drawing in” I really mean hypnotizing.

8MMOn to the show! The band before 8MM was named Hadouken. Don’t ask me what it means because I really don’t know. They sound like a more hip-hop version of Atari Teenage Riot. They hail from Britain and are a bit of electro, rock n’ roll and hip-hop all mixed into one. If you know the British TV show Skins, then you know who You Love Her Cuz She’s Dead is. Well, if they had a hip-hop influence instead of a video gaming influence and fuse that with heavy guitars, then I think it would describe Hadouken. Another way of describing them is a sort of heavier version of The Faint. Their crowd-pleaser of the evening was a song called “Bombshock”. I think the future looks damn good for these guys.

So after what seems like forever, because Hadouken had so much stuff to get off the stage, 8MM came up! Now, during the waiting period, Nine Inch Nails was playing and I was totally giddy the whole time. I first saw 8MM when they opened for the Kidney Thieves a while ago at the Roxy and have been hooked ever since. I knew Sean was in a new band, but I didn’t know what their name was until I recognized him at the KT show. When I heard them, I was just as floored as everyone else in the venue. I have always wanted to see them live again, but the opportunity never came up until now. Some of the first songs they played included “You Know”, “Angel”, “Never Enough” and what I believe is their most beautiful song, “Stunning”. I can never listen to that song just 8MMonce. Whenever I come up on my iPod, it gets played at least three times. If I had to compare it to a similar song, it would be Portishead’s “Western Eyes”. Next up they played a brand new song called “Los Angeles”. I think I would need to hear it again to have an opinion on it right now, but from what Juliette said about it being “pretty”, it was a good song. And yes…it was pretty. “Give It Up” was right after that. It’s always such an awesome song to hear live and on CD because it’s so haunting.

I notice that they don’t have a live bass player, yet Sean does such a great job editing and the sound was good enough that the bass parts played on the computer sounded just as live as the rest of the instruments. I just have to say that Jon Nicholson is such an amazing drummer, it’s ridiculous! Also, no one should underestimate Sean’s ability as a live performer even though he’s mostly known as a mixer and producer.

They played an amazing set and are pretty regular about playing shows In LA. If you ever want a night filled with deep enchanting music that has a bit of a kick in the ass, you definitely need to find where 8MM is playing and catch them. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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