All The World’s a Stage for SWIRL

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After an Unbelievable Year the Band is Adrenalized for 2010!

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Traveling a whopping 50,000 miles on the road literally (!) to perform almost 100 live shows just in 2009, SWIRL has been hitting the music scene hard lately with their updated version of 1980’s sexy metal. Opening for some of the biggest heavy metal rock bands of the 80’s (RATT, SLAUGHTER and L.A. GUNS just to name a few) along with working in the studio with many of the hottest rock stars of that era, Swirl is well on their way to the top. The band: Duane “DT” Jones ~ guitar, his bro Brian “Bam Bam” Jones ~ drums (both Alaska natives now living in Southern California) along with Al Ramirez on vocals and Shane Carlson on bass, attended NAMM 2010 landing more key endorsements, including Senheiser. DT showed off his guitar technique by also performing at the Spectraflex Cables booth a number of times during NAMM weekend. Swirl has developed quite a name for themselves in the world of rock n’ roll by landing so many opening spots on big name tours this past year. On the heels of NAMM 2010 and a distribution deal in the works for their latest release ‘Timeline’, the guitarist spoke with All Access Magazine. You can listen to Swirl’s killer tunes including the high-powered “Adrenaline” and “Sleepwalker” at

All Access Magazine (AAM): What sets Swirl apart from other rock bands?

Duane “DT” Jones”: The combination of the songs we have written and the energy we put into our performance when we deliver those songs live. We have had the good fortune of working with musicians who have captured lightning in a bottle with respect to their careers in the industry, including FRED COURY of CINDERELLA, CARLOS CAVAZO from QUIET RIOT and RATT, and ROUGH CUTT’s MATT THORR. They see that same kind of talent and drive in Swirl.

AAM: How has Swirl’s music evolved?

DT: We have learned to take a little of the ‘less is more’ approach and make sure the songs are the priority. I think we are somewhat hard to pigeon hole because we do not limit ourselves when it comes to writing. We can come out with a head banging song like “Controlled Emotions”, follow that up with a hip shaker like “Out Of Nowhere”, segue into a minor industrial feeling “Ant farm” then hit you with a more straight ahead track like “Adrenaline” and it all makes sense. The songs work well together. Swirl takes some of the 80s feel and energy, marries it with more modern writing techniques and production values.

AAM: Best thing about touring with STEPHEN PEARCY?

DT: Stephen got the touring ball rolling for Swirl by giving us our shot as the opener on his five-week Metal In America Tour and was very supportive. He looked out for us and was very genuine. He kept us in mind for the upcoming RATT summer tour and got Swirl involved in the East Meets West Tour ‘09 seven months later.



DT: Swirl got its first taste of a theater tour during that time and the guys we toured with were awesome. Carlos Cavazo is a very close friend of mine and a producer for Swirl, WARREN DEMARTINI and I share the same guitar sponsorship company (Charvel) and BOBBY BLOTZER is a decade long supporter of Swirl. At various points during the tour I was able to talk with each of them about their techniques. I was a huge fan of them all before the tour!


DT: He is a very funny guy and was never too busy to share stories about his experiences. He is one of my all-time favorite guitar players and now someone Swirl can count among our circle of friends.


DT: We did two tours with them in 2009; the best part had to be when Swirl bassist Shane Carlson was asked to sit in with them in Texas as they traded out bass players mid tour that spring. To this day Shane plays the “For the Love of Money” bass line during sound checks! (Laughs)

AAM: Why do you want to be a rock musician?

I started out on violin and also took vocal lessons for years, but once I made the move to guitar, thanks to KISS, rock was it for me! When I play guitar I want it to be right in your face. The only style of music that fits me is rock music. It’s the satisfaction I get from seeing people react to a song I wrote that gets me off about being in the music business.

AAM: What is next on the horizon for Swirl?

DT: We have been offered a distribution deal for ‘Timeline’ and contributed tracks on the ‘So Cal Metal Meltdown’ compilation released through Neurotic Records. We plan on getting Swirl back out on the road both here in the US and abroad in support of the ‘Timeline’ release including a couple of festival dates sprinkled in early summer. There are also plans to take Swirl overseas to Europe for the first time as well as a return trip to Japan.

AAM: Where would you like to ultimately take Swirl?

DT: Our goal is to be one of the biggest rock bands in the world. We are working on getting Swirl into that arena band level status right now!

Swirl’s music is also available on itunes (search: Swirl Timeline); you can reach DT at