Sematic :: The Law of Threes

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Recently I’ve been on a tough musical stint where I’ve been listening to a lot of the same boring and blah factory produced artists that seem to plague modern society today. Not that I don’t enjoy those artists, it’s just sometimes you crave something with a little more down home feel and less glitz and glamour. I came across a group through the most unlikely of places, the Washington DC Area Music Association. (WAMA) They have a page at that is entirely dedicated to musicians from Washington DC. I’d say that DC is not really known for much in terms of a musical contribution, so I ventured a bit further. On the front of their page was a recent contest that they had held for DC area musicians. I clicked through several with not too much interest, but then one caught my attention. They had posted their track which won the contest, "The Cold" for everyone to hear. It might even still be there at Either way you can probably find it on iTunes or their website They clearly had put a lot of effort into the music and after checking them out further I purchased their album entitled, "The Law of Threes." It’s pretty standard stuff with all the types of sounds and interest of a big band, but without the pesky overproduction and "holier than thou" attitude. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to broaden their musical experience. The group has big crunchy guitar licks with a distinct tone. From the Intro of the CD you can tell there is a contemplative theme that echos from the hard and angry passion of riff style rock to the quiet reflection of cello and acoustic. My personal favorite was the mandolin accompaniment in "The Breakthrough." The group is clearly not afraid to cross into multiple territories of music with an electronic into to track number 4 entitled "The Answer." Still, the signature track off the record is definitely, "The Cold." Although it sounds a little cliché in its execution, the track has a certain personality that shines through. The catchy harmonies and solid melody line really leave one singing. All in all I give the record 5/5 indy stars. A definite purchase and must have for the modern rock lover.