Patrick Yandall :: Going for One

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Patrick Yandall

Label: Zangi Records

It’s hard to believe that this is Patrick Yandall’s 11th release and with it came a nice surprise; it’s a collection of instrumental rock tracks! I have been hinting around this for years in my reviews and it seems friends and family have been doing the same, so Yandall put away the smooth jazz guitar and broke out the Strats and Telecasters and wailed away. So now we have Going for One to usher in 2010 and does it ever have a loud voice!

The jazz folks will be disappointed because now they are going to have to wait for another new set of tasteful tunes from the masterful Yandall. I love Yandall’s work but it is worth the wait to finally hear him cut loose.

The opener is the killer title track and it sets the stage for nine more slices of instrumental rock treasures. Yandall does not peel off scorching licks like a Vai; he rocks and does it with more of a flair for the tasteful side of this type of music. For instance on “12 Steps” you may find yourself reminiscing about a favorite Wishbone Ash album or one of Satriani’s slow cookers with interludes of acoustic Latin flavored licks that could be found on any accomplished guitar player’s instrumental album. That is what this is essentially, a technically proficient and well known smooth jazz guitar player having some fun and proving that he can rock with the best of them. He does so convincingly throughout this recording.

“Fast and Furious” is a dynamite example of how good this man can play and the title says it all. This is difficult to do, step out of your comfort zone, take a chance and hope everyone responds kindly. I do not think anyone is going to dislike this album; it’s a solid set of tunes with a fine display of six-string virtuoso that you will want to hear more than once. Perhaps the best thing about this besides the risk the artist is taking jeopardizing his well-built reputation in another genre, is his ability to go up and down the scale from rockin’ to tastefully done to a mixture of all of the above. At times it seemed a bit understated and the guitar needed some volume for crispness but overall this rocks and I felt it was worthy of several good listens before passing any judgment on the production aspects.

Just listen to the playing and you will agree that this guitar player knows exactly what he is doing. “A Minor Offense” is reminder of where Yandall’s roots are, in the blues, and it starts to lean more towards the guitar player we know sometimes but he still cranks out some stinging licks that you would not find on any previous releases.

Well he has done it all now, jazz, blues and now rock, what’s next reggae? You never know with Patrick Yandall. When you’re this good you can afford to live dangerously and have some fun. Going for One is highly recommended for all rock guitar enthusiasts and those that want to study someone who has their chops down.

4.5 / 5 Stars