Gods Weapon Rules

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Gods Weapon

At the Whiskey A Go Go with Stellar Performances

Gods Weapon had back to back full house shows at the Whiskey A Go Go with a solid well executed entertaining performance. With 15,601 Myspace friends and having George Clinton the Godfather of Funk as their number one fan; Gods Weapon knows how to promote and get the fans in the door. It doesn’t hurt to have friends like George Clinton, Atlantic Records, Whisky A Go Go, Slipknot, Metal Sanaz, Kelly Osbourne, Sonny Cool, System of a Down, Atlantic Records, Velvet Hammer, King Poo Poo Man, Kei-Key Bu, Shavo, Nicki Tedesco, etc., etc., etc. Gods Weapon is heavy metal with classical accents. Band director Traf Lewis plays a powerful edgy guitar and contributes back-up vocals. Lewis is down to earth and doesn’t take anything for ranted working hard at both promotion and taking his musical skills to the next level. Being the grandson of the Godfather of Funk George Clinton could makeone a slacker; but not Traf Lewis. He works hard before, during, and after the show as do all the band members of Gods Weapon.

Gods Weapon

Lead vocalist Adam Maloney puts all his emotions and heart into an expressive presentation with soft and hard lyrics while moving in sync with the music. Jay Golden, as lead violinist, charms the audience with his classical influence that nicely compliments Maloney. Drummer Rudge Ravinewood is a team player that blends in nicely with Maloney’s vocals. Supporting members of the band and guests include Bora Karaca who stands in graciously as substitute bass, and Jordan Grey who adds charm to Gods Weapon as rhythm guitarist without upstaging Lewis. Alyson Montez enhances the show with her expressive splash by graciously bringing along her violin to successfully compliment both Golden and Maloney. Many singers resent being staged as a backup to the lead vocalist, but not Ali Quinn who is happy to be in the band with a solid performance to prove it.

Gods Weapon

Speaking of George Clinton, who has a new album with his band Parliament & Funkadelik dropping September 9-16-10, titled, “George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love,” with guest appearances by Sly Stone, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carlos Santana, and Shavo from System of a Down; Clinton was at the January 13th show. George Clinton greeted the audience and enjoyed the show along with music producer Sonny Cool and Damien Abner who is a LAMN (Los Angeles Music Network) Jam Producer. Gods Weapons hit song, “Dirty Queen,” features George Clinton. The band doesn’t just have one hit; go to their myspace and check out their other songs relating to birth, life, and death including, “The Other Side,” “Annihilation,” “My Last Regret,” and “Worm Tail Tongue.” Not bad for the former Detroit band that has been together six years and is now based in Los Angeles with a hot debut album about to be released. No wonder Metal Sanaz had Gods Weapon be the feature band at her January 13, 2010 show that she hosted at the Whiskey A Go Go.

Go to www.myspace.com/Godsweapon, www.myspace.com/metalsanaz, www.myspace.com/gclinton, and www.lamn.com.