Europe :: Last Look At Eden

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Label: 101 Distribution

Unfortunately, Europe has been considered a "One-Hit" wonder here in the States. Fortunately, the band is still going strong in the rest of the world. The band’s last release, ‘Secret Society’, was a very solid effort and I thought was their best recording to date. Unit now. Europe returns with their latest effort, ‘Last Look At Eden’, a powerful album which is probably one of the best – if not THE best – from the Swedish band. "The Final Countdown" may be their most famous song (and it sure is one of their best!), none of the tracks on the new album deserves to be discarded. Some are simply "good", most of the songs are "very good" and even "fantastic". It’s evident from the first listen that they have put their heart and soul into every tune. The sound is reminiscent of earlier Europe very raw and hard rocking. The complex instrumentation used works very well here. Not many bands can successfully pull off having an orchestra playing along, but Europe does on this effort. Joey Tempest sounds better than ever and so does the rest of the band. I have to give kudos to John Norum for his amazing guitar work. The title track itself is a sturdy hard rocker where all things gel nicely. Elsewhere we get some interesting keys/riff/vox interplay on tunes such as "No Stone Unturned" which at times seems like a song with some form of multiple personality disorder as the chorus swoops on a Tempest vocal hook while Norum warbles away in the background and Mic Micheali comes over all 70’s prog tinged during the lulls. Other noteworthy numbers are the funky "U Devil U" and the bluesy swagger of, "Run With The Angels" which personally I find a bit twee though it’s hard to argue with the amount of roll it gives you with your serving of rock. Like I mentioned earlier for reasons unknown, Europe have not sustained their popularity here in the US, but that is only evidence of the lack of taste of the public. Europe is a truly underrated band, and ‘Last Look At Eden’ in my opinion their best work to date. If you are a Europe fan old or new, you will love this CD! Now if only they would tour in the US soon. The 2 bonus tracks, recorded live, prove that Europe is a fantastic "on stage" band. You’ve got to hand it to Europe they really know how to rock out. When many bands half their age are already going soft and selling out, Europe continues to up the hard rock ante.