Emily Peal :: Stacking Doll

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Emily Peal

Harkening back to the early days of Suzanne Vega, Sarah McLachlan, with a heavy dash of Bork and Cat Power you have the band Emily Peal.

Formed in 2008 when Emily Peal – the self-proclaimed red-headed, demon love child of punk rock and musical theater – brought her “quirk rock” sound to friends Andrew Nault (drums) Zach Comtois (guitar) and Jordan Alegant (bass) – the band has just released “Stacking Doll”, an impressive and eclectic EP.

In April of 2009 the band went into the studio to record a collection of Emily’s newest songs that tell the stories of Bess Houdini, Marie Antoinette, Ninotchka (from the 1939 film) and the sirens of the Odyssey. The EP “Stacking Doll” reveals each of these stories as facets of one woman who lies at the center of all these personas. This gives way to a plethora of styles which showcases the breadth of the band overall. Certainly, the influences are diverse, the musicianship is unquestionable and the artistic flair is paramount.

The question that begs is what’s next? Hopefully a full length cd that focuses a bit more narrow and deep- as- if not aware that Stacking Doll is a purposeful collection of disparate stories, the listener can be at risk to get lost in the multiplicity. Peal has a delicate, entrancing voice and is a clever songwriter and her talents would serve well to be highlighted in a singular mode.

Standout tracks include Bess Houdini and Ninotchka.

4 Stars