Chris Towzey :: Same Dirt

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Chris Towzey

Chris Towzey tackles life, spirituality, and love’s loss on his five-track EP “Same Dirt”. Starting the record with a feel-good vibe, “Don’t Need Money to Dance” truly reflects the old school southern rock influence that Towzey possesses. Not to go unnoticed, the backing female vocals hitting smoothly on the upbeat in the song’s chorus gives the song a silky texture and adds to the dance ambience.

The title track, “Same Dirt” depicts our cyclical nature and looks to find common ground while the ballad, “A Light on the Fear” and the more somber “Right for Us” hit on a more personal level as the CD progresses through its blues and R&B influences. The most self-revealing track, “Guitar Instead of a Gun” pulls from his military roots and counters with his spirituality still intact.

“Same Dirt” has a progressive flow from track to track. Chris Towzey’s vocals are honest and sincere, his songwriting is eclectic, and his lyrics are enlightening and personal.