Bonafide :: Something’s Dripping

Written by on January 28, 2010 in January 28, 2010, Music Reviews - Comments Off on Bonafide :: Something’s Dripping

Label: Black Lodge

Bonafide came onto the Swedish music scene with their debut disc in 2007 with their straight up, down and dirty filled with attitude approach to rock and roll. After pushing the limits of gigging, Bonafide returns with another solid ball of rock on ‘Something’s Dripping’. Drawing heavily, and quite expertly at that, from a strong blues-based boogie rock foundation, the songs on this disc remind me of and move along with the brisk excitement of early AC/DC. The album sounds huge and deserves to be huge. If the opening track “Dirt Bound” doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks, the following rocker, “Hard Livin’ Man” will certainly deliver that one-two punch that would make Manny Pacquiao envious! Mia Coldheart from Crucified Barbara shares vocal duties with Pontus Snibb on “Straight Shooters”, a song that definitely has a set of giant canones. One of my personal favorites “Elvis Chapel Blues” where Pontus Snibb nearly sounds like Paul Stanley from KISS. I think the song also has a Krokus like vibe going for it. This song will rock and roll Viagra at its finest. If AC/DC is sounding a bit stale to you these days then Bonafide is the perfect remedy. There should be a warning label on the album stating, ‘Pure 100% balls to the wall driven hard rock!’. A must have for anyone that enjoys simplistic perfection. The definition of bonafide is authentic and genuine, judging by this release these Bonafide hit the nail right on the head!