100% Rock Magazine – Online Magazine for Rock Lovers

100% Rock Magazine – Online Magazine for Rock Lovers

For your information, best online music magazines oftentimes come in various forms. There are music magazines which focus on rock and roll while some others are very popular in highlighting the songs of the artists from different music genres. Now, we are going to talk about 100% rock magazine – an online rock and roll magazine.

– About the Magazine
First and foremost, 100% rock magazine is an online magazine which focuses on rock and roll music. This magazine is famous for its eclectic tastes of music. If you happen to read its online edition, you will find various kinds of music genres like grunge, thrash, metal, pop, country, punk, rock, blues and many more. Based on them, there are only two types of music for them, that is, good and bad music. Since rock lovers like to know about other things besides their favorite bands and songs, this online rock magazine also devotes itself to review several books, theaters and also movies. Their philosophy is that although they like rock, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to roll!

This rock magazine was firstly launched in August 2012. After writing actively on its online platform until February 2015, this magazine has been able to obtain more than 100 thousand web hit each month and has been visited by more than fifty thousand visitors each week. Its biggest we hit happened in February 2014 where it had obtained almost 2 million web hits with the monthly average of 100 thousand web hits or 3,650 web hits per day.

– Homepage of this Online Magazine
If you have visited its official website, you will find that on its homepage, there are several options that you can choose. You can see the menu consisting of news, interviews, music, live, books, movies = other, photo galleries and artist spotlight. In the news menu, you will find the up to date information about music industries starting from the music artists, new released albums, music festivals, upcoming tours and many more. Next is about the interview button. As its name suggests, this page will be about the interviews with members of bands, producers, artists and many more.

If you want to find the photographs of your favorite bands, artists or musicians, you can go to its photo galleries. The collections of photographs are mostly taken during the live performance of the bands or musicians. Find more on 100% rock magazine official website!