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December 17, 2009

Illidiance :: Synthetic Breed

EP Review

By Freyja Awbrey

Illidiance :: Synthetic BreedILLIDIANCE have recorded a mini EP entitled "Synthetic Breed", five tracks in total including the bonus track plus live video. The first track "Cybergore Generation" is a quick draw for metalheads to be assimilated into their necrobonic tribe of cyber punk influenced genre with furious double bass drums and catchy melody that keeps the anger fueling with industrialized mix of keys, which rips open at a stomping pace. Now the initiation is over "Infected" is apt name for the cyber euphoric that has taken root, with atmospheric synths providing the futuristic dynamics that lead the song into very catchy melodies that keeps the listener plugged in. "Mind Hunters" gives the vibe of slip streaming further into the cybernetics of the synthetic generation, with two great contrasting vocals styles that fit succinctly into the aggressive melodies. Also the cyber electronic keys are very well synchronously and fused together, it definitely makes "Mind Hunters" quite infectious to the listener.

"Razor to the Skin" is a mixture of aggression, catchy and frenzied rhythm and synth break that besieges the senses with post-existence sci-tec millennium. The bonus track "Cybernesis" is the final pursuit for the resistance with industrialized beats and breaks that provides excellent variation on the rhythm. The unclean vocals are so naturally futuristic and synthesized, again contrasting well with the softer vocals and melody in the chorus that "Cybernesis" is the triumphant enticer to dispel any doubts that ILLIDIANCE, probably synonymous with allegiance, is here to join the metallers for cyber domination.

Review by Freyja Awbrey
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